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Services SERVICES Image and sound go hand in hand. In order to create a fusion that is inspiring, it is important to formulate the vision behind the images into credible, elaborate sonic worlds. With years of experience, professional equipment and access to a variety of sounds and samples, we will be happy to help you make your project an unforgettable experience. Musical Composing MUSICAL COMPOSING CONTACT US With our years of experience and dedication to the musical world, we are happy to help you create a unique sound. In Media, music serves not only as a supportive element to lend more expression to visual events. In films and games, music is rather a constant companion - the invisible actor - who not only underlines current events, but also illustrates underlying developments.

To do all this justice, we create new and unique musical themes. These leitmotifs evolve with the story, guiding and accompanying the audience through it.

In order to give the composition more expression, we make use of a wide variety of arrangement styles. From minimalistic soundscapes to large orchestral pieces and using both unique synthesized sounds and authentic instrumental recordings, we develop distinctive arrangements. The combination of these different colours has a great influence on the association of the listener and enables us to give the world you have created a unique sound full of character.
Sound Design CONTACT US SOUND DESIGN If you close your eyes, you do not disappear completely from your surroundings. The auditory perception of one's environment reveals its liveliness. However, one false noise irritates the experience. In medially created worlds, a sound that credibly fuses with the visual experience is needed. This can be everyday, familiar sounds, such as the rustling of trees in the wind or a glass bottle smashing on the ground, or unknown, newly invented images, which include an undiscovered, harmoniously characteristical sound.

We use first-class samples as source material, which we prepare for their exact use with professional audio software. Decidedly unique and complex sounds are sculptured with the help of layering and the development of synthetic sounds. Birdsong becomes a futuristic weapon and creaking plastic becomes the call of an alien being.
With our years of experience and dedication to the musical world, we are happy to help you create a unique sound.
Audio Integration CONTACT US AUDIO INTEGRATION We live in a three-dimensional world in which life goes its own different ways. The same is true for video games. In contrast to film, the player in the world of games becomes the protagonist and determines the course of things himself. Consequently, a dynamic flexibility between different auditory experiences is necessary. Music and sound shuld support the visual events at all times, always underlining player action.

This has to be taken into account already during the composition and continues up to the implementation in the engine. A so-called audio middleware is helpful here, providing an interface between engine and music. With the help of this software, it is not only possible to dynamically adapt music, but also to mix and effect it automatically according to the situation.
With our years of experience and dedication to the musical world, we are happy to help you create a unique sound.

Audiolarks Audiolarks The Company Audiolarks is a music production company with an ambitious and experienced team to assist you with your audio needs. In our studio in Paderborn we produce your music in a tailor-made and economical process. We specialize in gaming content and film music - this includes not only the soundtrack but also the entire audio design for accompanying media and sound effects. Audiolarks currently consists of a two-person team. Together we bring years of experience from a wide variety of musical fields to our work. Alex Alexander Urgien Composer | Founder | Producer Company founder Alexander Urgien has been on musical paths for 14 years now. Starting in band music as a rock and funk-rock guitarist, Alexander is not only proficient in digital production, but also electric, western and concert guitar - classical piano and analog synthesizers are also part of his area of expertise. With great meticulousness in his compositions, he takes his listeners on a journey full of emotionally deep moments, from epic world change to the gentle cradle of a breathed summer kiss. Felix Felix Hemker Lead Composer | Supervisor Felix Hemker plays drums, synthesizers, theremin and trumpet and since 2010 has released under the name Flegel on his label "Zeitrifuge". The seven albums he released belong to the genres Lofi, Synth-Pop and Experimental-Pop. Felix is musical director of the Bielefeld cultural centre "auto-kultur-werkstatt", where he is in charge of musically curating events, vernissages and art projects. ABOUT US

Manuela Manuela Schrewe 3D-Artist and Level Designer for IJÓMA "Working and communicating with Audiolarks was a pleasure. They provided us with handcrafted musical tracks, complementing the atmosphere of our levels. Audiolarks also created unique sound effects for all our games mechanics, creatures and ambience, finally scoring a trailer for the game. The duo stayed true to our vision and supported all changes we requested perfectly. We are very thankful for their great support and extraordinary pace of work while maintaining highest quality within a narrow production time frame" Stefan Stefan Häger Project Manager of Now Leaving Tokio "Audiolarks, being our audio partners, have given our presentation an edge. When presented with reference tracks on a tight deadline, they contributed a unique musical concept, outmatching our expectations in quality and originality. Originally we considered buying stock music, but having worked with Audiolarks who share our aesthetic vision and pinpoint the feeling of our levels sonically, I am glad we changed our minds. We had underestimated the power of AAA music to magnify the feeling of a video game scene. Thank you for everything! You guys are truly amazing and your incredible tracks were exactly what our project needed" Alex Alexander Lorenz CEO of Pixelmad Studios "Working with Audiolarks was and is one of the best experiences when it comes to our Soulborn project. Alex and Felix are in no way afraid of fulfilling wishes, they also give a lot of creative ideas and deadlines are kept. The integration via FMOD was also sone by them, so that our only contribution was to integrate the music and sounds into the engine. When I first heard the finished main theme, I couldn't believe the quality i dealt with here. In addition, Audiolarks are not only professionally recommended; we at Pixelmad already consider them part of our family and look forward to working with them again" Alek Alek Imanov Director and Producer of Tunnelblick "The collaboration with Audiolarks was consistently professional, not least because of their reliable and dedicated way of working. Even under difficult conditions they provided us with a highly satisfactory result. Suitable instrumentalizations were found for the different scenes of the film, so that image and sound work in symbiosis - this is indispensable for me as a film director. We greatly appreciated creative contributions made by the Audiolarks team as well as the good communication and the orientation towards our wishes in the joint work process. We were able to rely on Audiolarks throughout the entire development process and I am looking forward to doing so in future projects as well" TESTIMONIALS

Portfolio PORTFOLIO THIRD-PERSON ADVENTURE SOULBORN IJOMA 2D PLATFORMER TUNNELBLICK FEATURE FILM NOW LEAVING TOKIO FIRST-PERSON ADVENTURE Soulborn Soulborn is a story driven open world RPG-adventure. Audiolarks composed, produced and implemented the complete soundtrack using dynamic modules for SOULBORN FEATURED TRACKS
IJOMA In the fantastic world of IJOMA, Gin accompanies you on your mission to bring light into the darkened forest. She meets all kinds of forest dwellers and fantastic creatures, with whose help she will fight against a mysterious threat. Audiolarks composed and produced the entire soundtrack as well as all sounds and effects. IJOMA
Tunnelblick Tunnelblick is the new feature film from director Alek Imanov, founder of I-Mann Studio. This fast-paced thriller follows a group of students whose quest for realization leads them into a nightmarish web of power, intrigue and violence. Audiolarks had the pleasure of delivering the soundtrack for most of the feature film and the complete trailer. TUNNELBLICK
NOW LEAVING TOKIO Now Leaving Tokyo is an upcoming first person adventure game. Wonder through the empty streets of postapocalyptic Tokyo to learn the secret about a government plot, a deadly virus and your own part in a sophisticated conspiracy. We are currently working on the soundtrack and the auditory design of the game. NOW LEAVING TOKIO FEATURED TRACKS
(2019-Now) NOW LEAVING

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